Preventive care: healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifelong gleaming smile

If you brush your teeth twice a day and use dental floss five times a week you have made a crucial contribution to preserving your teeth

Our preventive care program assists you with important recommendations:

  • •   simple and save use of floss
  • •   removal of dental calculus (plaque)
  • •   brightening of all your dental surfaces with mild methods (no use of “saline” or “air flow” whiteners as they are too aggressive)
  • •   recommendation of aids for your oral hygiene
  • •   tips for your diet
  • •   we do a cavity test to find out your individual risk of developing caries
  • •   we find out which germs are responsible for your periodontitis
  • •   sealing of your teeth
  • •   we apply fluorine to all your tooth surfaces
  • •   special programs for kids

Our professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth leaves them as smooth as they were originally, and often a lot brighter.