Philosophy of our practice

Hearing is one thing. Seeing is believing and acting is knowledge.

In our practice, our patients are always the central focus of our work

We therefore, devote a lot of time to each patient. After a careful and detailed examination we explain the diagnosis to you and look for the optimal treatment for you.

We outline alternative treatments with their advantages and disadvantages to you, so you can choose the perfect treatment plan for your individual situation. We only suggest therapies that we would choose for our closest relatives or ourselves.

The paramount aim of our practice is to preserve your teeth for as long as possible.

In our practice next to the City Theatre of Aachen we treat every patient individually, the very opposite of ‘conveyor-belt’ practice.

We only work with tried and trusted partners

The materials that we use in our dental practice are among the very best that are available in the market and have been well-proven over many years. It goes without saying that we source your artificial dentition solely from leading laboratories in Cologne or Aachen.

You benefit from our experience stretching back over 28 years, and from treatment provided by fully trained dental specialists who have undertaken extensive advanced professional training in Germany and abroad.