Endodontics - Root canal treatments

Damage to teeth can have various causes: cavities or accidents can damage teeth to such an extent that the nerve within the tooth dies.

Once this has happened bacteria penetrate the root canals into the jaw where they cause inflammation. This leads to a wasting of the bone around the edge of the root. In this case the only therapy that can be attempted to preserve the tooth is root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment demands a lot of experience, manual dexterity, enough time, and the correct technique. It is important that after the treatment access to the root canals is directly sealed off with a dentin-adhesive covering in order to avoid reinfection.

Example of a root canal treatment (see picture s on the right-hand side)

On the X-Rays to the right showing a lower left molar tooth (indeed, in this case a particularly difficult to treat wisdom tooth 38, which acts as a bridge abutment) the curing of a cyst was achieved only through root canal treatment. The red arrow shows the black structure around the root.

As in many other cases, we were able to avoid conventional surgery to remove the cyst because we eliminated the cause of the inflammation via the root canals.

In 2011 when we checked the status of the tooth it was still completely okay, which means that the tooth will be able to hold the bridge for many years to come.