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Inflammations around the teeth are generally called periodontitis and can be caused by several factors: genetic predisposition can be responsible, but also smoking, inadequate oral hygiene or aggressive bacteria. Since this disease is usually chronic, many patients do not notice it, and so many cases do not get treated early enough.

The course of the disease starts with easily inflamed pouches around the teeth, and later wastage of the jawbone occurs. If the treatment is started early enough this reduction of the jawbone can be avoided and the prognosis is very good.

If the disease has been present for a longer time, the complete reinstatement of the periodontum is no longer possible. The periodontitis must be treated immediately in these cases in order to avert the premature loss of the teeth.. Even in this case it is at least possible to halt the disease. Rebuilding of the jaw is however only partly possible.


  1. 1. Professional teeth cleaning
  2. 2. Suggestions for good teeth care at home
  3. 3. Establishing the cause of the disease and its severity, e.g. recording the periodontal screening index, bacterial testing which identifies the main bacteria causing the inflammation
  4. 4. Intensive cleaning of the root surface and if necessary application of materials that will rebuild the bone
  5. 5. If the bacteria are proven to be aggressive, antibiotics may be required
  6. 6. Check-up: your gum should be now be free of inflammation
  7. 7. Follow-up care: regular check-ups to avoid a new outbreak of inflammation. Initially these check-ups are required every 3 to 5 months, including professional teeth cleaning if necessary.