Specializing in implants and bone augmentation:

our focus since 1988

All of us would like to preserve our own healthy teeth for as long as possible. But sometimes teeth are lost due to accidents, periodontitis or cavities. In this case implants are always the first choice.

This is the moment when you need a specialist, who can restore functionality and aesthetics with empathy, experience, competence and patience.

Having gained 28 years of experience in this field, I can provide you with all the necessary treatments in my practice. I am one of the first specialist dentists in Germany to have received certification in the specialism of implantology.

X-ray photograph
X-ray photograph
X-ray photograph
X-ray photograph

Cost of implants

Total cost of implant treatment
(Place the implant and insert crown including all material and laboratory costs)

One implant + crown ca. 1.800,- €
Two implants + crowns ca. 2.950,- €
Three implants + crowns ca. 3.800,- €
One implant with bone augmentation + crown ca. 2400,- €

Implants out of ceramic

For those patients who wish to get a metal-free supply we offer implants that are made of ceramic.
More advantages of these implants are:
  the aesthetic property of ceramic is especially suitable for anterior teeth
  the gum adapts smoothly to ceramic
  no inflammations in the area of the implant
  ceramic looks very natural and you won't be able to recognize any difference between your own teeth and the crown of you implant. Since the whole implant is made of ceramic, the edges of the crown will not turn dark.

Bone augmentation

Experience going back to 1988

After the loss of a tooth there is usually a reduction in the jawbone. This natural bone loss can be prevented by a timely implant. If the loss of jawbone has not been stopped in time, or if your jaw has been damaged in an accident, there are very reliable ways of rebuilding the jawbone.

In this case too, you need a proven expert with decades of experience who knows the right methods and the materials that are well-proven. This is even more important in the case of the upper jaw, especially if the area of the maxillary sinus does not provide enough space for the body of the implant.

Exposed implant screw thread

    Exposed implant screw thread

Implant cap with bone and membrane

    Implant cap with bone and membrane

Bone growth factors

In order to advance the rebuilding of the jawbone as to push on the healing after the implantation, we use bone growth factors like BMP (bone morphogenetic protein) of the patient's own blood. By centrifugation of the blood we gain PRGF (Plasma rich in Growth Factors) and PRF (Platelet rich Fibrin). PRGF has been used in surgery since the 1990s.

PRGF stimulates reactions of the surrounding tissue thanks to its growth factors. This is useful when it comes to rebuilding of the jawbone and for lifting the sinus (bone augmentation in the upper jaw). It makes the bone growth go faster and promises better results in bone quality. Thanks to this technique we can supply you with your implant after a very short time. Moreover, the risk of having any reactions to the surgery like swellings or infections decreases.

The PRF helps us create a body's own membrane that protects the rebuilding of bone. That's why we don't need any animal products or artificial membrane.

Both, PRGF and PRF can also be used to support the healing after tooth extractions and to avoid reduction of the jaw bone.

Qualification certificate

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